Horay Power Illuminates the 19th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Conference

Jinan, China - February 29th - The curtains rose on the 19th China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Conference at the Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center. As the premier event kicking off the year for the industry, it attracted a plethora of domestic and international enterprises and a vast number of visitors.


Making its debut in the historic city of Jinan, renowned photovoltaic component manufacturer Horay Power took center stage. With a bustling crowd gathered around its booth, Horay Power drew significant attention from attendees. The company's diverse range of photovoltaic components, distinguished by their outstanding performance and innovative design, garnered considerable interest from guests.


With an exhibition area spanning 60,000 square meters, this year's conference encompasses several specialized zones including photostatic, energy storage, integrated photovoltaic construction, decentralized multi-energy complementary systems, academia-industry-research collaboration, and finance.


The convergence of numerous enterprises showcased new technologies, products, and solutions across the entire solar energy chain, including photostatic, energy storage, and multi-energy integration. Additionally, a plethora of innovative energy products made their debut, treating attendees to a visual and technological feast.


Simultaneously, the conference hosted several forums and meetings, including the 2024 3rd Yellow River Basin New Energy Innovation and Development Conference and Industrial Chain Exhibition, the 2024 2nd Shandong Province New Energy High-quality Development Forum, the 2024 7th China Distributed Photovoltaic Conference, and the 2024 6th China Residential Photovoltaic Conference.


These events not only enriched the content of the conference but also provided attendees with additional opportunities for networking and learning.

The conference will run until March 2nd. We invite you to stay tuned for updates on this exciting event and visit the Horay Power booth (Booth Number: BT78). We look forward to engaging with more guests, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the mutual success of the Chinese photovoltaic industry. Together, let's accelerate the widespread adoption of green and clean energy solutions.

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