Horay Solar Stands Out at the 135th Canton Fair with a Commitment to Green Innovation

As the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) came to a close, Horay Solar proudly showcased its leadership in green technology, earning a nomination for the prestigious "Green Booth" award. This accolade highlights our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solar solutions.


Our exhibition space, carefully designed to embody our dedication to sustainability, captured the attention of attendees and media alike, culminating in a feature on CCTV. This national coverage spotlighted Horay Solar's efforts to merge high efficiency with environmental responsibility, further establishing our influence in the renewable energy sector.


The fair provided an excellent platform for us to present our latest advancements in solar technology, including the Solar Ocean and Solar Galaxy series. These products feature the latest in N-type TOPCon and proven PERC technology, offering peak outputs of up to 700W and efficiencies exceeding 22%. Such high-performance metrics not only reinforce our technical expertise but also our role as pioneers in the photovoltaic industry. 


Our participation in this year's Canton Fair aligns perfectly with the event's focus on innovation, green technology, and high-quality standards. Horay Solar remains dedicated to advancing the role of clean energy solutions, ensuring our technologies contribute effectively to global sustainability goals. 


As we continue to make significant strides in the renewable energy landscape, the recognition at the Canton Fair serves as a testament to our commitment and progress towards crafting a greener future.


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