HoRay Solar Introduces N-type TOPCon High-Efficiency Modules

HoRay Solar has successfully launched its advanced N-type TOPCon photovoltaic modules on December 12, 2022. This marks a significant stride, positioning HoRay as a leader in mass-producing N-type modules.


Key Highlights:

N-type TOPCon Technology: This innovative technology combines an ultra-thin tunnel oxide layer with a highly doped polysilicon layer, leading to higher cell conversion efficiency.

Advantages of N-type TOPCon: The technology promises superior conversion efficiency, reaching up to 24.8% currently, with projections of 26.8% by late 2023. It also boasts high bifaciality, reduced degradation, and compatibility with existing PERC production lines.

HoRay's Distinctive Features: The new modules integrate a high bifaciality rate, multi-busbar, and dual-glass design. They ensure optimal power generation, reduced degradation, and a sleek aesthetic appeal.

HoRay Solar continues to champion quality and innovation, aiming to accelerate the realization of dual carbon goals.


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