HORAY SOLAR Shines at the 134th Canton Fair–A Platform for Innovation and Global Expansion

The 134th China Import and Export Fair, widely known as the Canton Fair, opened its doors on October 15th in Guangzhou, marking a significant event in the global trade calendar. The Canton Fair provides an essential platform for businesses worldwide, aiming to foster innovation and strengthen global trade.


HORAY SOLAR, a leading player in China's clean energy industry, took center stage at this year's Canton Fair, exhibiting cutting-edge solar modules and innovative solutions. The event attracted a diverse range of international and domestic clients who were keen to explore the latest offerings from the company.


The 134th Canton Fair boasted record-breaking dimensions, spanning an impressive 1.55 million square meters of exhibition space. With 74,000 booths, including 7,200 for exports and 1,550 for imports, the event attracted 28,533 participating companies. Of these, 6,500 were international exhibitors from 43 countries and regions, underlining the global appeal of the Canton Fair.


HORAY SOLAR's booth stood out, showcasing the renowned Solar Galaxy and Solar Ocean series. Also, Horay shows the Solar Ocean Topcon series incorporates TOPCon cells, delivering a remarkable 435W power output with a conversion efficiency of 22.25%. These modules are designed for double-sided energy generation, offering an additional 10% efficiency when capturing sunlight from both sides. The Solar Galaxy series impressed with a high-power module generating up to 660W, making it ideal for commercial and industrial applications. These modules promise reduced unit power generation costs, enhanced stability, and significant economic benefits.


In line with its commitment to advancing global clean energy development, HORAY SOLAR is focused on research and development efforts and expanding its footprint in the international market. The company recognizes the growing demand for clean energy solution.

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