Horay Solar Dazzles at Italian Exhibition, Red Modules Command Attention


Rimini, Italy - February 28th - The 17th Italy International Renewable Energy Exhibition (KEY ENERGY) commenced amidst great anticipation in the picturesque coastal city of Rimini. Hosted by ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP S.P.A, this esteemed gathering drew a global audience of leading players in the renewable energy sector, showcasing a diverse array of cutting-edge technologies and products. Renowned as one of Europe's foremost energy exhibitions, it attracted industry experts and visitors alike for networking, collaboration, and innovation.

HoRay Solar Embarks on a New Journey: Strategic Expansion for Future Growth


With the global renewable energy landscape witnessing unprecedented growth, HoRay Solar stands at a pivotal juncture, heralding a new chapter in its journey of innovation and market expansion. The recent statistics by the National Energy Administration reveal a significant milestone: in 2023, the wo

HoRay Solar's Stellar Show at ENEX 2024: Powering Forward in Poland


In an impressive follow-up to their Genera2024 appearance, HoRay Solar took center stage at the ENEX 2024 in Kielce, Poland, on February 7th. This back-to-back showcase in major European renewable energy exhibitions highlights HoRay Solar's ambitious market expansion in 2024, underlining its com

HoRay Solar Embarks on Global Expansion at Genera2024


Madrid, Spain - Amidst the historic splendor and dynamic culture of Madrid, a city where the past and present blend seamlessly, the solar energy industry convened for the highly anticipated Genera 2024. This event celebrated as the premier international solar expo of the year in Europe, attracted at

Shine Brighter Together: Horay Solar's Exclusive 2024 Global Conference Preview


As we embark on the exciting journey of 2024, Horay Solar is delighted to announce its active participation in a series of prestigious global conferences. These events testify to our unwavering commitment to advancing clean energy solutions and fostering global collaborations.

Horay Solar Recognized in Jiangsu's 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing List, Driving Industry Upgrade


Horay Solar has recently earned a spot on the official list of "2023 Jiangsu Province Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshops."

HORAY SOLAR Makes a Remarkable Debut in the Saudi Arabian Market


HORAY SOLAR Makes a Remarkable Debut in the Saudi Arabian MarketRiyadh, Saudi ArabiaHORAY SOLAR, a leading name in the renewable energy industry, celebrated a triumphant debut in the Saudi Arabian market at the 2023 Saudi Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition.The exhibition, held on October 30th and 3

HORAY SOLAR Shines Bright at Canton Fair First Phase with TVB Interview


The first phase of the 134th Canton Fair concludes today, and HORAY SOLAR is immensely thankful for the tremendous support from all our clients, partners, and well-wishers. This phase of the Canton Fair has been an overwhelming success for us, and we couldn't have done it without you.

HORAY SOLAR Shines at the 134th Canton Fair–A Platform for Innovation and Global Expansion


The 134th China Import and Export Fair, widely known as the Canton Fair, opened its doors on October 15th in Guangzhou, marking a significant event in the global trade calendar. The Canton Fair provides an essential platform for businesses worldwide, aiming to foster innovation and strengthen global trade.

Successful Participation of HORAY SOLAR at IGEM Malaysia


The International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) took place in Kuala Lumpur from October 2nd to 4th, and HORAY SOLAR was honored to be a part of it, achieving remarkable success.

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