HoRay Solar Embarks on a New Journey: Strategic Expansion for Future Growth

With the global renewable energy landscape witnessing unprecedented growth, HoRay Solar stands at a pivotal juncture, heralding a new chapter in its journey of innovation and market expansion. The recent statistics by the National Energy Administration reveal a significant milestone: in 2023, the world saw an addition of 510 GW in renewable energy installations, with China contributing over half of this figure. Chinese wind and photovoltaic (PV) products, now reaching over 200 countries and regions, underscore China's pivotal role in driving down the costs of wind and solar projects by more than 60% and 80% respectively over the past decade, thanks to relentless innovation and manufacturing excellence.


Situated in Wuxi, at the heart of China's affluent Yangtze River Delta, HoRay Solar emerges from a city with a storied legacy in the photovoltaic industry dating back to the 1990s. Wuxi's comprehensive PV industry chain, from silicon materials to modules, has been instrumental in its ascendancy as a global supplier of PV products. Since its inception in 2010, HoRay Solar has evolved from an OEM focusing on quality assurance to an internationally recognized brand, with its proprietary “HORAY” modules making waves across Europe and beyond.

The year 2023 stood as a testament to the intense competitiveness within the photovoltaic sector, with global installations surpassing 300 GW. Amidst this fervent market activity, HoRay Solar distinguished itself through continuous product innovation, unwavering commitment to quality, and exemplary service, securing its place among the ranks of "2023-2025 Jiangsu Province's Internationally Renowned Brands to Watch" and several other accolades for its technological and manufacturing prowess.

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Embracing opportunities and spearheading rapid development, HoRay Solar's strategic foresight led to the construction of a new facility in Hui Shan, Wuxi. This state-of-the-art plant, slated for completion in July 2024, is set to enhance HoRay Solar's annual production capacity to 2.5 GW. Furthermore, with plans to expand its product and service offerings, including the addition of welding strips and power station investments, HoRay Solar is poised for holistic growth. The completion of its Phase II expansion by June 2025 will significantly augment its manufacturing capabilities, solidifying HoRay Solar's role in propelling Wuxi, and by extension, China's standing in the global renewable energy market.

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As HoRay Solar continues to expand its global footprint, establishing local warehouses and operational centers across continents, it remains at the forefront of the solar energy conversation. Participating in over ten industry exhibitions and forums worldwide in 2023 alone, HoRay Solar's proactive engagement underscores its commitment to driving forward the renewable energy agenda. With the global photovoltaic installation forecast to reach 474 GW in 2024, HoRay Solar stands ready to harness these opportunities, fostering international collaboration and innovation to meet the burgeoning global demand for renewable energy.

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At this new juncture, HoRay Solar eagerly anticipates forging ahead with partners old and new, embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and contributing to a hopeful and sustainable future for all.

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