Horay Solar debuts in Johannesburg at Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024

In the culturally rich city of Johannesburg, Horay Solar marked its entry into the African market at Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024, beginning March 18. This event, a nexus for global energy innovators, marks Horay Solar's strategic leap into Africa's renewable energy scene.


At booth A72, Horay Solar showcased its flagship products: Solar Ocean and Solar Galaxy, which cover a wide range of applications with capacities from 420W to 700W. Known for their efficiency and value, these products meet the diverse needs of the African market. Horay Solar has already gained popularity in Europe, America and China. Now, Horay Solar is bringing its extensive expertise and technological innovation to the African market. This participation underscores not only Horay Solar's expansion, but also its commitment to supporting sustainable energy development in Africa.


Despite the continent's rich solar potential, the adoption of clean energy faces challenges. Horay Solar's solutions, known for their performance and adaptability, are poised to accelerate the transition to clean energy in Africa. As Horay Solar deepens its market presence, its commitment to clean energy is expected to improve local environments and lives.


The participation of Horay Solar at Solar & Storage Live Africa underlines their commitment to global clean energy and sustainable development. Looking ahead, Horay Solar will innovate and expand internationally, contributing to a greener global energy landscape.


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