HORAY SOLAR Introduces Advanced HS166-144M Series Modules

Marking a pivotal moment in solar innovation, HORAY SOLAR has launched its cutting-edge HS166 series 144M modules. Merging a 166mmx166mm cell size with state-of-the-art technologies, these modules set new benchmarks in efficiency, offering a peak power of 450W and a conversion rate of up to 20%. This series is designed to maximize power output, optimize the Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE), and guarantee superior returns on investment.


Elevated Module Performance

By integrating multi-busbar and half-cell technologies, HORAY SOLAR achieves a notable 5% boost in the overall conversion efficiency of its bifacial 166 series modules. The latest back-printing technology, combined with gallium-doped silicon wafers, ensures these modules deliver unmatched efficiency, power, and reliability.



Broadened Application Potential

The bifacial half-cell modules can amplify power generation by 10%-30% across different terrains. On asphalt, gains of 2-7% are observed; on grassy areas, it's 5-10%; and on aluminum foil grounds, it's 10-30%. These modules not only promise cost-effectiveness but also excel in large-scale solar installations, further driving down the LCOE.

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