SPI USA Recap | HORAY SOLAR: Amplifying Our Presence in North America!


September 23 - HORAY SOLAR concluded its vibrant participation at the Solar Power International (SPI) in the USA. Even across continents, our zeal to showcase cutting-edge photovoltaic technology was palpable.


At Stand 3233, we spotlighted our standout modules, including the 182-130W, 157-100W, and 156-50W series. These products, embedded with advanced technologies, promise superior power generation and have already made a mark in North America.


Championing Carbon Neutrality

With the world pivoting towards carbon neutrality, North America is at the forefront. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports a significant surge in solar contributions in 2022. Despite global challenges, the residential energy storage market remains optimistic, signaling exciting prospects for HORAY SOLAR.


Post-SPI, our vision is clear: to fortify our global brand presence, innovate continuously, and champion sustainable development.

See you at the next SPI!"

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