HoRay Solar Wraps Up Successful Showing at Inter Solar South America 2023

São Paulo, Brazil – August 29, 2023

Inter Solar South America 2023, one of the premier global events in the field of smart energy, concluded on a high note as thousands gathered in São Paulo. HoRay Solar, a leading solar module manufacturer, made a significant impact at the event, showcasing its flagship products from the Solar Ocean and Solar Galaxy series.


Brazil, the largest economy in Latin America, also boasts the region's highest installed solar capacity. By the end of 2022, solar energy had become the second-largest source of electricity generation in Brazil, surpassing wind energy and second only to hydroelectric power. According to the EPE's Ten-Year Energy Expansion Plan (2030 Edition), Brazil's total installed capacity is projected to reach approximately 224.3 GW by 2030, with over 50% of new capacity additions coming from renewable sources. Solar PV is set to experience the most significant growth, making it the fastest-growing energy source in the country.


HoRay Solar recognized this immense potential and actively participated in the Brazilian market. Their debut at Inter Solar South America 2023 was a resounding success. The Solar Ocean product, featuring 182mm rectangular cells, offered an impressive power output of 560 watts and a conversion efficiency of 21.67%. This product perfectly aligns with the Brazilian market's needs, with advantages such as high power output, exceptional conversion rates, and ease of installation and maintenance. Its low per-unit generation cost promises substantial economic benefits for customers.


The South American Energy Expo spanned three days, concluding on August 31. HoRay Solar invites everyone to stay tuned for more exciting developments. Furthermore, the company will participate in the Solar Power International (SPI) exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, from September 12 to 14, at booth number 2035. Join us as we witness the innovations and breakthroughs in the field of renewable energy.

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