HoRay Solar Welcomes You to InterSolar South America in São Paulo

From August 29-31, São Paulo will host The smarter E South America, part of the esteemed InterSolar series. This event underscores Latin America's commitment to sustainable energy, with Brazil at the forefront. With 280 sunlit days annually and a national drive for solar, Brazil's solar potential is vast.


HoRay Solar is thrilled to participate, showcasing our innovations at Booth B8.50. Our Solar Ocean and Solar Galaxy series are known for their efficiency and adaptability, catering to Brazil's diverse energy needs.


Brazil's energy challenges, like limited coal resources and high electricity costs in remote areas, have made solar a preferred choice. The "Universal Energy Program" further bolsters this shift, with HoRay Solar's products resonating well in this market.

With our INMETRO certification and an operational center in the Americas, our global reach is expanding. Join us in São Paulo, and let's champion the global clean energy movement together.

Embrace the Sun Step into
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