HORAY SOLAR Makes a Remarkable Debut in the Saudi Arabian Market

HORAY SOLAR Makes a Remarkable Debut in the Saudi Arabian Market

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

HORAY SOLAR, a leading name in the renewable energy industry, celebrated a triumphant debut in the Saudi Arabian market at the 2023 Saudi Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition.

The exhibition, held on October 30th and 31st, attracted industry leaders and professionals from across the region. HORAY SOLAR showcased a diverse range of solar products and cutting-edge technologies, capturing the attention of both local and international visitors.


"We are thrilled with the warm reception we received in the Saudi market," said Yann, VP of HORAY SOLAR. "Our participation in the Saudi Solar PV Exhibition marks a significant milestone for us as we expand into the Middle East. This event allowed us to showcase our high-quality products and innovative solutions."


Saudi Arabia, with its rich energy resources and commitment to clean energy initiatives, has become a key focus for HORAY SOLAR. The company aims to provide more efficient and reliable energy solutions to meet the country's growing demand for renewable energy.


The success of the exhibition not only highlights HORAY SOLAR's leading technology and top-tier products but also emphasizes the company's dedication to contributing to global green development.

As HORAY SOLAR continues to grow and expand, the company remains committed to innovation, collaboration, and contributing to global efforts for a sustainable future.


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