Horay Solar Recognized in Jiangsu's 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing List, Driving Industry Upgrade

Horay Solar Recognized in Jiangsu's 2023 Intelligent Manufacturing List, Driving Industry Upgrade


Horay Solar has recently earned a spot on the official list of "2023 Jiangsu Province Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshops." This recognition follows the company's successful inclusion in the "2023-2025 Key Cultivation and Development of International Well-Known Brands in Jiangsu Province" and being part of the "First Batch of High-Tech Enterprises Recognized and Reported in Jiangsu in 2023." It marks another significant honour for Horay Solar this year, affirming its development and garnering support and recognition from the government and society.


As a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic components, Horay Solar is dedicated to advancing intelligent transformation and digitalization to enhance product performance and the company's core competitiveness. Currently, Horay Solar's products boast numerous internationally recognized certifications across various countries and regions, validating their exceptional performance. In challenging and intricate operating conditions, the consistent and enduring power output not only delivers substantial benefits to users but also contributes significantly to the widespread adoption of green and clean energy.


The selection of Jiangsu Province's Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshops, organized by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, aims to accelerate the pace of intelligent transformation and digitization in enterprises, raising the overall level of manufacturing industry development in the province. Following a rigorous evaluation, Horay Solar's high-performance photovoltaic component manufacturing workshop, with its high degree of intelligence and comprehensive digitization, successfully passed the review, showcasing the fruitful results of Horay Solar's investment in intelligence.


Inclusion in the list of Jiangsu Province's Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshops will inject new momentum into Horay Solar's development. In the future, the company will continue to uphold the principles of innovation and excellence, deepen intelligent transformation and digitization, enhance the enterprise's core competitiveness, and make sustained efforts towards achieving the dual carbon goals."

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