Horay Solar Shines at SNEC 2024 International Solar PV and Smart Energy Exhibition

Shanghai, China - June 13-15, 2024

The 17th International Solar PV and Smart Energy Exhibition (SNEC 2024) successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center, showcasing the latest innovations in solar technology. Among the outstanding exhibitors, Horay Solar stood out with a comprehensive display of advanced photovoltaic solutions.

Horay Solar presented its flagship products with remarkable clarity and impact. The Solar Ocean series, known for its high efficiency and flexibility, targets the growing demand for distributed power generation solutions. Meanwhile, the Solar Galaxy series, with power ratings of up to 700 watts, is designed specifically for ground-mounted solar installations and meets diverse project requirements with power ratings ranging from 420W to 700W.

In addition to product showcases, Horay Solar impressed attendees with live demonstrations of simulated systems, highlighting how their technological advancements effectively reduce operating costs and improve overall efficiency. This interactive approach not only generated significant interest, but also underscored Horay Solar's commitment to innovation and practical application in the solar industry.

Throughout the event, Horay Solar actively engaged with industry professionals and media through insightful discussions on sustainable development strategies and the future of solar energy. These interactions facilitated a deeper understanding of market trends and underscored Horay Solar's role as a thought leader in the renewable energy sector.

The exhibition concluded with Horay Solar receiving widespread recognition and acclaim from peers and industry experts alike. Their participation not only strengthened their brand reputation, but also solidified their position in the market, paving the way for future collaborations and business opportunities.

In summary, Horay Solar's presence at SNEC 2024 exemplified its leadership in driving innovation and setting new standards in the global photovoltaic industry. By showcasing cutting-edge products, demonstrating practical solutions and fostering meaningful industry dialog, Horay Solar reaffirmed its commitment to shaping the future of solar energy.

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