Horay Solar Dazzles at Intersolar Europe 2024 with Innovative Solar Solutions

Munich, June 2024–The Intersolar Europe 2024 exhibition has successfully concluded, and Horay Solar's booth at A1.130K/A3.510 attracted significant attention. Horay Solar showcases its cutting-edge solar technologies, captivating attendees with their innovative solutions.

Horay Solar presents two standout products: the Solar Ocean TOPCon series and the Solar Galaxy TOPCon series. The Solar Ocean TOPCon series features 182mm, 108 half-cell dual-glass modules, with an impressive output power of up to 440W and a conversion efficiency of 22.53%. These modules are not only highly efficient but also aesthetically designed, making them ideal for rooftop installations, earning the nickname "The Art of the Rooftop."

The Solar Galaxy TOPCon series, with 210mm, 132 half-cell modules, offers an outstanding output power of up to 700W. These modules are perfect for large-scale ground-mounted solar plants, providing high economic efficiency and significant return on investment.


At the booth, visitors are warmly welcomed with unique Chinese-themed gifts, adding a cultural touch to the technological showcase. The interactive photo booth has become a hub of activity, fostering a lively and engaging atmosphere. These elements enhance the spirit of camaraderie and pave the way for fruitful discussions and collaborations.

Horay Solar remains steadfast in its mission to contribute to global clean energy development. Emphasizing technological innovation and product advancement, the company has recently inaugurated its Frankfurt operations center and self-operated warehouse, aiming to enhance regional services and customer experiences across Europe.


Reflecting on the first half of 2024, Horay Solar has successfully participated in several international exhibitions. Looking ahead to the latter half of the year, the company plans to extend its global tour to destinations including Brazil, Guangzhou, the USA, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia. These events are crucial in expanding Horay Solar’s global partner network and advancing clean energy technologies.


Horay Solar is dedicated to innovation, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Moving forward, the company will continue to refine its products and services, driving the global energy transition and making clean energy accessible to all.

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