Horay Solar Unveils Extensive Global Exhibition Schedule for Second Half 2024

Horay Solar, a leader in sustainable energy, is set to continue its global exhibition tour in the second half of 2024. Building on a successful series of engagements earlier this year, the company aims to deepen its commitment to global sustainability through strategic dialogue and innovative solutions.


Upcoming Tour Highlights:


                                       2024 Solar PV & Energy Storage World Expo

                                       •Date: 8th-10th August, 2024

                                       •Booth: Hall 11.1, R729

                                       •Venue: Guangzhou, China


                                       2024 InterSolar South America

                                       •Date: 27th-29th August, 2024

                                       •Booth: B1.113

                                       •Venue: São Paulo, Brazil


                                       RE+ 24

                                       •Date: 10th-12th September, 2024

                                       •Booth: C-38081

                                       •Venue: Anaheim, USA


                                       SolarPakistan 2024

                                       •Date: 26th-28th September, 2024

                                       •Booth: A-1-01-02-03-04

                                       •Venue: Karachi, Pakistan


                                       The 136th Canton Fair

                                       •Date: 15th-19th October, 2024

                                       •Venue: Guangzhou, China


                                       Solar&Storage Live KSA

                                       •Date: 15th-16th October, 2024

                                       •Booth: D42-2

                                       •Venue: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Horay Solar is dedicated to fostering collaborations and partnerships to drive global sustainability goals. By emphasizing innovation and environmental stewardship, this tour underscores the company's pivotal role in advancing clean energy and supporting carbon neutrality efforts worldwide.


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