HoRay Solar Partners with Ariel Re for Photovoltaic Module Coverage

On February 10th, HoRay Solar solidified its commitment to quality and customer assurance by entering into a strategic agreement with Ping An Property Insurance and Ariel Re, a globally recognized reinsurance firm. This collaboration centers on "Photovoltaic Module Efficiency Loss Compensation Insurance." Under the agreement, Ping An will provide power loss compensation insurance services for HoRay's photovoltaic modules, while Ariel Re offers robust reinsurance backing.


HoRay Solar's dedication to delivering safe, eco-friendly, and efficient products is unwavering. Partnering with global powerhouses like Ariel Re not only signifies a dual endorsement of HoRay's high-quality photovoltaic modules but also ensures that the modules meet the stringent requirements of overseas project financiers.


In the broader context, as the world moves towards "carbon peak and carbon neutrality," HoRay continues to amplify its investment in the photovoltaic industry. This partnership underscores HoRay's confidence in its product quality and serves as a testament to its commitment to users, further enhancing the company's brand competitiveness and market expansion capabilities overseas.

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