Genera 2023: HoRay Solar's Modules Shine in Madrid


On February 21st, Madrid's Genera 2023 saw HoRay Solar, a beacon of China's energy prowess, unveil its top photovoltaic modules. Drawing attention from global energy aficionados, HoRay's booth became a hub of insightful discussions.


Prioritizing the European market, HoRay showcased modules tailored for Spain and Europe. The compact yet powerful 182-108 model has garnered acclaim across Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, the 182-144 model, optimized for large-scale power plants, promises efficiency and affordability.


The N-type TOPCon module, a future industry favorite, boasts unmatched efficiency. Reinforcing trust, HoRay's recent partnership with Ariel Re ensures enhanced product reliability. Throughout the event, HoRay engaged with numerous attendees, fostering potential collaborations and solidifying its European market presence.


With upcoming exhibitions in Germany, the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, and Shanghai, HoRay remains committed to delivering quality and driving the global push towards "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peak".


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