HoRay Solar Powers Up: A New 2MW Commercial Solar Initiative in the Czech Republic

In a stride towards a greener future, a landmark building in the Czech Republic has now embraced the power of the sun. Thanks to HoRay Solar's cutting-edge Solar Ocean series panels, this building is not just another structure but a testament to sustainable energy. With a robust 2MW capacity, it's more than equipped to meet its daily energy demands, setting a new standard in the region.


HoRay's reputation precedes itself. From the romantic alleys of Italy to the bustling streets of Germany and beyond, HoRay's solar solutions light up countless locations. Their panels are not just about power; they're about efficiency, durability, and minimal maintenance. It's no wonder commercial entities across Europe vouch for them.


The Czech installation stands as a testament to HoRay's commitment to quality. Tailored for Europe's varied climate, the Solar Ocean series promises consistent performance, rain or shine. And with HoRay's promise of top-tier after-sales service, customers can bask in the sun without a worry in the world. It's not just the Solar Ocean series that's making waves; the Solar Lake and Solar Galaxy series are also shining stars in HoRay's lineup.

HoRay Solar isn't just a company; it's a movement. With every panel installed, they're inching closer to a sustainable future. The Czech project is more than an installation; it's a statement of HoRay's global vision for clean energy.

As the sun sets today, HoRay looks to the horizon, ready to partner with global allies, lighting up the world one panel at a time.

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