HoRay Solar Shines at SNEC 2023: A Renewed Vision for Global Energy

The 16th SNEC International Photovoltaic & Smart Energy Conference, held in Shanghai, marked a significant milestone in the renewable energy landscape. After a two-year interlude, this year's event surged in popularity, drawing over half a million attendees and featuring more than 3,100 global enterprises.

Among the luminaries, HoRay Solar's presence was unmistakable. The company showcased its innovative Solar Ocean and Solar Galaxy series, along with the latest TOPcon technology. These products, already making waves in markets from Europe to Southeast Asia, epitomize HoRay's commitment to versatile and efficient energy solutions.

Beyond product displays, HoRay engaged in enriching dialogues at various industry forums, emphasizing its dedication to advancing global renewable energy standards. With a successful track record overseas, HoRay is now setting its sights on expanding its domestic footprint.

The global consensus is clear: renewable energy, with solar at the forefront, is essential in our journey towards a sustainable future. The success of the SNEC expo underscores this sentiment and positions HoRay Solar as a pivotal player in this transformative era.

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