HoRay Solar Shines at Intersolar Europe 2023: Reflecting on Successes and Looking Forward

Munich's New International Expo Center recently played host to Intersolar Europe 2023, a global solar summit that saw participation from a myriad of solar enterprises and industry aficionados. Among the luminaries, HoRay Solar, with its established European market presence, was a beacon of innovation and collaboration.


The event mirrored the enthusiasm of Shanghai's SNEC earlier this year. HoRay's booth was a magnet for attendees, showcasing a versatile range of solar modules, known for their efficiency and adaptability. These products, backed by industry certifications and insurance, have already found favor in diverse settings, from homes to large-scale utilities.


HoRay's engagements at the expo were not just about product showcases. The team delved deep into discussions about the future of solar energy, sharing insights from their European ventures, including their strategic establishments in Rotterdam and Germany.

With the first half of 2023 drawing to a close, HoRay is gearing up for more global engagements, including appearances at InterSolar South America and Solar Power International. These platforms will further HoRay's mission of promoting clean energy, fostering collaborations, and enhancing its global brand presence.


As challenges and opportunities loom in the latter half of the year, HoRay Solar remains committed to driving innovation, expanding its reach, and contributing to a sustainable future.

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