HoRay Solar Achieves Renowned UL Certification, Strengthening Global Position

HoRay Solar, a leading name in solar technology, has recently been awarded the prestigious UL certification, a testament to its commitment to superior product quality. UL, globally recognized for its stringent testing standards, has further solidified HoRay's reputation as a provider of top-tier solar modules.


The certification encompasses HoRay's flagship series, including Solar Ocean and Solar Galaxy. These modules, known for their efficiency and durability, are designed to meet the diverse energy needs of users across various environments. This recent accolade adds to HoRay's growing list of international recognitions, reinforcing its promise of delivering only the best to its customers.


As HoRay Solar continues its journey, the company remains dedicated to innovating and producing high-quality solar solutions. With a vision to promote cleaner and more efficient renewable energy worldwide, HoRay is poised to play a pivotal role in achieving global sustainability goals.

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